What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very popular open world game played by millions of people from all ages. You can play Minecraft 1.5.2 from your browser for free or download the game to play on the latest version. The game is also available on other platforms, including mobile devices and video game consoles. In singleplayer, the two main modes are Creative and Survival. Hardcore mode is the third mode and is identical to Survival mode, except you will not respawn after dying.

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In Creative mode, you will start off with invulnerability and an unlimited supply of all blocks in the game to build all kinds of stuff. You can also fly around to build taller structures and see your creations from any perspective. This mode is a great way to showcase your creativity. In Survival mode, as you might have guessed, involves surviving against the dangers of the world, including hunger, zombies, and more. The scenery and atmosphere is similar to what you would expect in an episode of “Lost.” You must gather resources efficiently to craft the necessary tools so you can be prepared to defend yourself and go on an adventure to kill the final boss.

Creative Mode

If you are more of a creative person, this mode may be for you. Build anything, including skyscrapers, aircraft, monuments, cities, or even replicas of real life structures! Minecraft is highly regarded as an educational game because of its Creative mode. Studies show that games can help coursework be more fun and engaging for the student. For example, the logical redstone circuits in the game allows students to learn about electrical engineering and computer science by being able to build a virtual circuit board. Another example is the one-to-one scale of Denmark, which aids in learning about geological mapping and architecture.

Survival Mode

You will suddenly appear in an endless, unknown world. It is randomly generated and therefore unique each time you create a new world. You must harvest supplies in order to survive against the various monsters that pop out at night to kill you. One thing most players do is build a closed shelter that they can hide in during the night. More experienced players prefer to craft weapons and cook enough food to last for a few days without shelter. You will need to obtain more advanced weapons, tools, and armor so you can travel to other dimensions and kill even more monsters, including the boss to “beat” the game.

minecraft free gameplayTo survive the first night, you could either build shelter or craft a sword to defend yourself. First, you will have to punch trees and collect the wood so you can turn them into planks for a crafting table. Next, you can use your crafting table to make wooden tools including a sword and pickaxe.  The pickaxe can be used to mine stone to craft stone weapons and tools, including a furnace to cook your food. The easiest way to get food is to kill cows, chickens, or pigs. Having enough food is crucial or else you will die eventually from starvation. As you continue to play, you will find rare ores like gold, iron, and diamond to upgrade your weapons and armor. These ores will be essential in progressing through the game.

A Short History

Created by indie game developer Markus Persson in 2009, Minecraft was originally inspired by Infiniminer. Notch was playing Infiniminimer where players had to collect resources while traveling in a randomly generated landscape. Persson took this simple concept and created a new game, which is now known as Minecraft. The earliest and simplest version was Creative mode where players had to place or break blocks. A multiplayer mode was added and was followed by the introduction of a survival mode for those players who wanted adventure in addition to creativity. More features were added and Minecraft became so popular that awards began to roll in including Indie game of the year from IndieDB.  It is attracting thousands of new players every day and you can try a demo from the official site. However, there is only 100 minutes of gameplay.